A huge number of elderly people are really left to fend for themselves. And sometimes they desperately need help on basic services with no one to go to.

ServicePlace aspires to provide a community based framework for supporting the needs of these lonely aging individuals, to provide a system that responds to food, cleanliness, hygiene, transportation and healthcare needs in a supportive environment.

Your $300 donation will enable an elder to receive HELLO service for ONE year.

You can donate any amount - every little bit helps.

To partner with ServicePlace to form a HELLO service in your area please contact us here or by sending an email to:



SILIGURI - pilot coming soon

Currently in planing stages, we anticipate a second Pilot will be needed to work out the operational details for the Hello Service - where the Elder can call in services as needed. The services will have a Community component (how the neighbor can help) and also a Commercial content (e.g. food delivery, cleaning, medical tests...). Currently, this Pilot is expected to be based in Siliguri, but significant preparation remains to be done as we get ready to launch.

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