ServicePlace connects elders, aids life saving skills, preserves cultural heritages.

Working with RGVN, a non-profit based in Guwahati, India, we are launching 'Hello' for Elder-Care.

With the continuing COVID-19 crisis, Elders, especially ones with health impairments, are having the hardest time getting basic necessities like groceries. 

The Pilot project, led by RGVN with support from ServicePlace, plans to provide 100 families with elders with 'Hello' services. The elders can now call in for 'essentials' and a mentor will be calling them regularly to provide support. 

The supply for fresh items is intended to come directly from the villages, and requires a significant initial investment. For $300, you can also sponsor an elder to receive the 'Hello' service for six months.  To Donate use top button. MORE



How can we make life a little easier for our elders?

The HELLO and MILLO projects are doing just that in Guwahati, India.



In case of injury or adverse health conditions, prompt action by bystanders can significantly improve the chances of survival and/or effective recovery. The training aid videos we create and the equipment we provide are helping with that,



Each time a cultural artifact is lost, we lose an irreplaceable and exquisite way of being; a strand of culture is frayed. Using multi-media – films, video, audio, books, etc. we seeks to document and proliferate dying cultural heritages.

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