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Amphan Cyclone Relief &

COVID-19 Aid effort in India – ServicePlace

With the ServicePlace Save-A-Life initiative, we were already working with multiple social service organizations with their health initiatives, when COVID-19 struck India with the force of a major tsunami. The enforced lockdown meant that the daily wage earners and the working poor suddenly had lost their source of income. House maids, carpenters, rickshaw pullers, thelawala ice cream sellers, street food sellers, restaurant workers, construction workers, drivers, gardeners – with families, ailing parents, little children – suddenly had no income coming in. Often they worked hundreds of miles away from their original homes and had no way of continuing to live in the cities as a lot of them sent their earnings to their homes. Now with no income and no way to get back home they were stuck. We have partnered with local NGOs and the police to provide relief. MORE



How can we make life a little easier for our elders?

The HELLO and MILLO projects are doing just that in Guwahati, India.



In case of injury or adverse health conditions, prompt action by bystanders can significantly improve the chances of survival and/or effective recovery. The training aid videos we create and the equipment we provide are helping with that,



Each time a cultural artifact is lost, we lose an irreplaceable and exquisite way of being; a strand of culture is frayed. Using multi-media – films, video, audio, books, etc. we seeks to document and proliferate dying cultural heritages.

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